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A Wild Sprite is the story of a glimmer of energy escaped from the stale mass in a cold part of the unkown.You find yourself in Drain Gates, an intricate channel of pipes. You don't remember how you got there or who you are, you wander in the outlandish and strange sourrondings looking for answers.

In your wake you find out that you can move and so you go on your adventure to discover this lost place.


A Wilde Sprite 1.2.1.exe 61 MB

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I don't know  where to go in  the first level, I already  collected  100 points. But I really like the game.

Im really a mess at mking tutorial >.<

So have you reached the bottom of the level and see a moving platform? You need to plant a check point on it then die to respawn on the otherside to go to the next level!

:) happy you liked it anyway

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I don't really know where to go in the first level but I absolutely adore the style and music of this game. It's weird and oddly relaxing

you need to collect 100 point and then use the checkpoint on the moving platform on the bottom of the level to go to the next part. Glad you enjoyed :D