A downloadable game for Windows

You are Squarehog born weak in beetwen the wood and the seeds.

Find your way.

Made with Game Maker Studio 2


arrow keys = movement

left mouse = attack

right mouse = spin attack (when not fading)

Installer link(Windows)



Squarehog-Randomnessblueprint.exe 43 MB

Development log


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Good Game man! You got a discord by any chance?

Thank you! Nope I have installed it somedays ago but not using it yet

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I really dig the style of your game, just wanted to give some feedback

  • I couldn't figure out why you would use the spin attack, didn't seem as useful as just shooting, looked neat though. 
  • From the screenshots it looked like there was more to the game than the first screen.  Maybe there is, but I had no idea how to progress.
  • I figured (at least I think I did) that the diamonds were breaking the tree looking cubes (the things that are obstacles) so I assumed that I was supposed to do that to move on, but nothing seemed to happen once I got rid of them all.  
  • There was also no visual feedback that the tree things were getting damaged, so I couldn't tell if they were just disappearing on their own, or if I was actually getting the enemies to destroy them.
  • I have no clue what the paper airplane looking things are supposed to be, or do.
  • Also when I finished dealing with everything, I got confuzed and just started moving around the screen without a care for what happened to my character, then the game froze up.  I'm assuming you're using GameMaker, and it seemed like the game got stuck in a while loop or something like that.  Since there was no error report, and the game became completely unresponsive.

Keep up the work.

Thank you for all the inputs, there's this problem to solve and I have to set a max speed(mostrly sure that's the problem with freeze)

The spin attack dosn't prompt enemy to shoot and destroy enemy projectile(as the challenge presented you're right it'isnt too useful)

There are two endigs, we'll try to make it more clear how to obtain the first one.

This is a kinda demo game and it is pretty short and based on abstract-puzzle, making some improvement based on your suggestion now,

soon we'll upload a new version.

Now onto your second level!!

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Love the sprite animations on the walls/blocks. ESC would not exit the game for me once I started playing.


Thank you didn't notice that! Will Fix ^^